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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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take a look. a six-alarm fire in louisville kentucky at a ge plant. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. a look why emergency crews were already stretched thin in that area. i'm molette green at live desk. pictures you will only see on news 4 this morning. three bald eagles and what we're learning about possible egg letts. and i'm eun yang. it is good friday. a look how people around our area and the world are observing the holy day. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. rain moving through the metro area. could get thunderstorms later today. i'm molette green back at
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the live decksk. a massive firefight in louisville. look at the giant smoke and flames that filled the sky there at the ge appliance park plant. 100 firefighters called in to battle this thing. one building destroyed when the roof caved in. this is a company holiday today. so not many people there and not hearing about injuries yet. right now there's a shelter in play order issued to nearby residents urging them to get to an inside room and shut off vents. seeing ash as big as lunch boxes found on planes at the nearby international airport. we also want to you look at this photo posted on our sister station's website. an employee snapped it is inside the building before the fire got out of control. at this point, no word on a cause. barbara? >> thank you, molette. there were already problems in louisville. severe flooding causing big
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headaches for homeowners businesses and drivers on the read there. there have been 116 water rescues since 1:00 this morning at least six inches of rain fell overnight. more expected to fall today. tom kierein is here with a look how bad it will get for us. tom? >> thankfully not flooding from that. maybe a half inch or so because a lot of it will be raining out as it gets into the mountains. right now, though a little bit of light rain. the storm team 4 radar showing this area in light green across northern virginia. here in fairfax, loudon prince william and culpeper stretching into montgomery county the district anne arundel. a last band of the first wave passing through over the next horror so then another wave of rain moves in later this afternoon. a balmy morning. temperatures hovering in the 60s. most of the region. hitting the low to mid-70s by later this afternoon. we'll get more rain maybe thunder and lightning moving in. >> thank you, tom.
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if you were on the commute this morning you know it was a rough go on metro, for many especially the red line. glenmont and wheaton station shut down before 7:00 a.m. reports of smoke in the tunnel. melissa mollet and the first 4 traffic center tweeting about the situation as it unfolded. chopper 4 was over the scene as fire trucks responded. the stations were shut down nearly an hour. trains began single tracking between glenmont and wheaton causing major delays on the red line. elsewhere on the red line brake issues halted trains too, and some viewers tweeted these photos while stuck at the cleveland park metro station. the brakes had to be manually released before the trains could move again. look at this video. it's real-life rescue of a man lost at sea. louis jordan's story of survival has gone viral now. late last night he was reunited with his family after being stranded for 66 days. jordan set sail in january from
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south carolina on a fishing trip. a week later he was reported missing. yesterday a german cargo ship spotted him out there on the seas and was able to rescue him. he was taken to a hospital in norfolk, virginia and even walked off the chopper. >> well i'm just -- i feel blessed and full of love and grateful to be with my family and with people again. you know? i feel grateful to have the opportunity to live. >> jordan's 35-foot sailboat lost its mast and capsized. he says all his communication gear was broken. he rationed food he packed for the journey was lost. drinking water was rain water and he caught fish with a net. today d.c. officials announce they plan to end a policy of routinely shackling juveniles appearing in court. starting monday individual judges decide whether a juvenile defendant should be shackled. that announcement is at noon in front of the d.c. superior
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courthouse. d.c. police want to track the online activity of a woman they say killed an attorney and they need your help. police want to speak with anyone who had contact with this e-mail address. david measure schmidt communicated with someone on craigslist using that e-mail. the e-mail is linked to jamyra gallmon's cell phone and police believe gallmon stabbed messerschmitt to death at a hotel in d.c. and crews are working to repair an eight-inch water main break. water began rushing down the street this morning before crews located the problem. the work is expected to last most of this day. you're only going to see this on "news4 midday." look at these incredible pictures. we want to show you. new pics of three bald eagle nests in the d.c. area. some with their babies or eaglets.
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our own mark seagraves got the pictures and tweeted them out. the aerial shot from the d.c. police training facility and st. elizabeth's hospital. they are active nests with adults either brooding or incubating. brooding is the term i just learned, used when the young are being cared for. eun. >> cool pictures. molette, thank you. many of you may be sitting down to a seder meal tonight at sundown jewish families begin passover celebrations. this eight-day festival commemorates the emancipation of israelites from slavery in egypt. it is american jews most observed religious ritual. and it's also good friday today. take a look how pilgrims celebrated in jerusalem's old city. in the annual re-enactment of the passion of the christ people carried wooden crosses along the via dolorosa. a local cardinal roving this good friday after fainting in church last night. according to our news partner
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wtop 84-year-old cardinal theodor mckerik had just given his holy thursday homily when he passed out in his chair. it happened at bethesda the our lady of lord's catholic church. he spent the night at suburban hospital. he's doing fine now. he is archbishop of washington from 2001 to 2006. we're glad he's doing better. the virus now spreading fast in our area. telling you about it coming up. stay with us.
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stories taking owner social media. a mutant flu, causing major stomach problems. brought to the u.s. by sick travelers returning from abroad. health officials are worried because the bacterial infection is spreading and antibiotic resistant. so far more than 200 people in 32 states have become sick.
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the pew research project, islam, fastest growing religion come 2050 the global population of muslimless nearly match that of the world's christians. today the final installment of the "fast & furious" franchise hits theaters. "fast 7's" original release date delayed after paul walker died in a car crash. vin diesel and the others
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right now family members are starting the painful process of identifying loved ones killed in that attack at a college campus in kenya. at least 147 people were killed in the 13-hour-long attack. the militants planned extensively even targeting a site where christians had gone to pray. the somali terror group ale
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shabaab almost immediately claimed responsibility. part of a unique special operations arm of that terror group. reaction continues to pour in now that indiana and arkansas dramatically changed proposed religious freedom laws. lawmakers scrambled to make the changes after businesses threatened boycotts. many changed the original version or charged the original version of the law, that they were anti-gay. however, advocates who supported the original bills are upset. one supporter says the changes could harm people of faith. >> you're going to jeopardize the freedom for a christian businessman or another faith to be forced into doing something against their religious beliefs. >> several other states are considering their own religious freedom law proposals. the unemployment rate held stead any march, but there was a slowdown in hiring. according to the latest jobs report from the labor department the unemployment rate held at 5.5% in march, but
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employers slowed down hiring adding a little more than 120,000 jobs last month. that's the smallest increase in december of 2013. tom? light rain continues to fall in the metro area. we've had this one wave coming on through, and then there's another one here in west virginia and then farther to the west this is the line here that's in indiana and western kentucky. that will be moving in by late this afternoon. right now light wanerain tracking off to the east. another hour or so things settle down. a built of a blustery wind with us in the afternoon as well. gusting 20 25 miles an hour and milder temperatures making it into the low 70s mid-afternoon and late afternoon, thundershowers roll through. temperatures by then into the the mid-70s. that's the way it looks. >> thanks tom. if you're an early bird or like to star gaze not talking celebrities. happy to know the lunar eclipse is tomorrow. the bright full moon should
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turn a lovely shade of celestial red. the best time to see this is between 6:15 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. my hours. and better nasa astronomers up early taking questions via twitter. if there's anything you ever wanted to know about the blood moon here's your chance. okay a big weekend for the cher
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a developing story now.
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french investigateors have proof the germanwings copilot deliberately crashed flight 9525. that according to initial reading from the second black box voice recorder found yesterday. they say andreas lubitz used the automatic pilot to put the plane into a descent last week then repeatedly sped up the plane. he is also accused of locking the pilot out of the cockpit. all 150 people onboard were killed. and we are tracking a lot of developments now as the world reacts to news of a framework for a nuclear deal with iran. in just the last hour iranian president raw rouhani pledged they'll stay with the agreement, negotiators are still on the clock. three months to turn it into a formal agreement and the white house still has to sell congress on their plan. kerry says he thinks they will give it a fair shake. >> some have already made up their minds and sort of an
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automatic response. we understand that but i think most senators and congressmen are going to want to see this examine it talk to people listen to the experts, and that's what we asked them to do. >> the news has been greeted with cheers in iran. take a look at this tweet. those are crowds welcoming home the foreign minister. a lot of iranians are very ready to see the sanctionsed against them go away and the opening of the west to them. >> this morning we're getting a look at a possible tornado in kansas. take a look at this video, from la bette county yesterday. some scary pictures here. near the kansas/oklahoma border. this strong storm brought pea-sized hail to that area as well. tom kierein says nine possible tornadoes were reported in the plains yesterday, and, tom, this is the same storm system moving through our area? right? >> it is eun, but weakening as it moves through. look at the storm team 4 radar there on the left of your
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screen. what's left of that system that produced the tornadoes. this is the wave of rain with thunder and lightning. rolling into the metro area but not until late this afternoon. storm team 4 radar showing lingering, light rain in moving through the next hour that may actually stop a few hours into early and mid-afternoon. after that we will likely get thunderstorms coming through but not severe through the afternoon. there's just a low risk of any wind damage from the storms coming through. generally between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> i'm derrick ward along the an update on the blossoms. seve seen the floret extending and even a little padunkel exploration. speak for it won't be long. checking up on the blooms and a lot to do until then. the tourists are aren't the blooms ss aren't. still a little early.
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peak explosion of color sometime between the 11th and 14th. these folks from the philippines have been making the rounds of tourists stops. >> went to new york to see the empire state and some of the nice stuff. and then we came to niagara falls. >> reporter: it wasn't until they got here their expectations were dashed. >> cher blossoms. >> reporter: but there are florets. >> i hope to still see the cherry blossoms. >> reporter: they plan to take in festivities tomorrow a big day with music and fireworks on the southwest water font andfront. and this bodes well for the beauty yet to come. >> definitely see it will be good, i guess. >> reporter: now those festivities get under way at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. the fireworks kick off about 8:30. they're advising you take metro. get off on the l'enfant xags or waterfront station to get there.
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>> did you say padunkel elongation? is that really a thing? >> indeed it is. we're talking about this in the barber should be the other day. >> said in the barber shop it's definitely a thing. thank you, derrick. vcu soon begins searching for a new code. shaka smart decided to leave for the university of texas. he met with officials from ut yesterday and broke the news to his team last night. tears shed i'm sure. not just from aaron gilchrist, he led them to their fifth ncaa tournament this season and coached at vcu six seasons. great guy. wish him the best. the ncaa tournament now. tomorrow night at 6:09 seventh seed michigan state takes on duke and right after that at 8:49 p.m. two number one teams face-off, wisconsin versus kentucky. should be great games. your chance to weigh
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those who know him happy to
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hear this. president frank underwood back for a fourth season. netflix "house of cards" announced via twitter the show will be back for a fouth season. the tweet read i will leave a legacy #underwood2016. production begins in baltimore, maryland. have mercy, apparently a "full house" spin-off in the works. netflix is reportedly so close to ordering 13 episodes "full house" wrapped its eighth and final season back in 1995. the new show would focus on d. j.j. tanner remember them? and best friends in real life too. took this picture. found this on instagram. after all the years still hanging out. the women did a tough mudder together last weekend. talk about bonding for a friendship. we want to know would you watch the new "full house"? shoot us a text one for yes,
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two for no. we'll share results in about 30 minutes. we want to give you a couple chances to look at this video. this truck films s flips on
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people are talking about a touching facebook post by a colorado woman recovering from a terrible tragedy. michelle wilkins answering a craigslist ad for baby clothes when stabbed and had her baby dprut her womb last month. wilkins posted on facebook she is recovering but what people are talking about are her towards the people who responded to her 911 call. in her post she called the police and paramedics heroes wrote, they save lives every day and i never matchened a day when i would need them too but i can't thank them enough for being there for me. a 34-year-old woman has been charged in this incident. take a look at this rescue caught on video. a man in east china arrested by
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onlookers after being hit and pinned down by a truck. we slowed down the video, because it happened so fast. the truck hit the man and crossing the road. then overturned and fell on top of him. onlookers came to his rescue lifting the truck up and freeing one lucky guy. he had only minor injuries believe it or not. we have a gray skies live view overlooking the tidal basin. there's the jefferson memorial and we've had some light rain falling in the metro area overthe last couple hours. another wave of some light rain that will come in in another couple of hours and maybe heavier showers and thundershowers moving in later this afternoon. this first wave here should be exiting at about another half hour or so and then later today, root now in the low to mid-60s. should hit low to mid-70s mid-afternoon. still a bit of a blustery wind between 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. perhaps thundershowers coming through. likely not severe with thunder and lightning. then the rest of the weekend, big change tomorrow.
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sunshine blustery winds. highs in the upper 50s. highs mid-60s. great weather for the nationals home opener. play ball! monday afternoon, first pitch, 4:05. should be in the upper 60s and partly cloudy. >> sounds great, thanks tom. watch out. black bear citings in virginia are becoming more common. yikes. you may not realize you live close to these intelligent animals but they are regular visitors in many neighborhoods. you may be attracting them too, if you have bird freeders or overflowing garbage or pet food outside of your house. empty your trash regularly lar. what do you do if you see a bear? you're instinct may be to run, but don't. move away slowly. expert advice. move away slowly. chances are it will move on quickly as well. keep your distance. bring pets inside and give the bear a clear path to leave. sounds good, bhut you're in that moment i probably would run
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screaming and become lunch. so got to stay away. after the break, the emotional interview with the father of the man who inspired the movie "american sniper."
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at 11:30, we want to get you caught up in a matter of seconds. >> we begin with a developing story out of kentucky. a six-alarm fire at louisville at a ge appliance plant, more than 120 firefighters are
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battling this massive fire. no injuries reported at this point. the fire came as emergency crews were also dealing with flash flooding throughout that area. and we are also watching light showers moving through parts of our area right now. tom is back in just a few minutes to let us know when it will dry out, if it will this weekend. >> and a rough morning on metro for a lot of you this morning. the glenmont and wheaton stations shut down just before 7:00 a.m. for reports of smoke in the tunnel. service getting back to normal. >> look at these pictures you can only see on news 4 now. three bald eagle nests discovered in the district. the national park service found the nest during a recent survey of the area. all three could have or soon have eaglets in them. >> so amazing. right? so cool. >> amazing. watch for any breaking developments or new stories happening out in on your nbc washington app. i'm molette green at the live desk with breaking news. just learning about a philadelphia woman arrested this
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morning charged with trying to help the terror group isis. prosecutors say 30-year-old key anna thomas attempted to travel overseas to fight with the terror group. she's also accused of communicating with an islamic state fighter in syria who asked if she wanted to martyr herself. she's going to be in court. her first court appearance, this afternoon. back to you. today could be the last day juvenile defendants wear shackles in d.c. in about 30 minutes official ace nouns plans to end a policy of routinely shackling juveniles appearing in court. starting monday individual judges will decide whether a juvenile defendant should be shackled. ed announce lnt will be in front of the d.c. superior courthouse and d.c. police want to track the online activity of a woman they say killed an attorney and need your help. police want to speak with anyone who had contact with the e-mail address here.
11:32 am according to court documents, david messershut communicated on craigslist with someone yousing that e-mail and it's linked to jamyra gallmon's cell phone. and ahead of the big crowds expected on easter monday we go live to news 4 zachary kiesch who has a look what to xbhect you walk up to the gates of the zoo. zach? well he's going to tell us about what to expect. i'm not sure what to expect but i know they've been talking about making security changes there. we're looking at the people out there right now. these are shots he got earlier today of people coming -- you know monday east every monday is always a big day at the national zoo. we hope to hear from zach a little later. eun? >> thanks barbara. right now d.c. water krurs have a couple hours of work left on a broken water main. water is shut off now on
11:33 am
randolph street in northeast washington. crews are working to repair an eight-inch water main break. water began rushing down the street this morning before crews located the problem. the work will last most of the day. and most of the streets are wet around the region because of light rain falling, come in a couple of ways. first wave came through. the second wave is now just coming in to west virginia eastern kentucky. another one southern indiana, into western kentucky. so we've got a couple more waves to get through. right now just light rain around the immediate metro area. nearby suburbs in maryland and in virginia. back edge of this should be clearing washington about another half hour or so. settling down a little bit, over the next hour or two and temperatures hovering in the low 60s to upper 60s. fredericksburg fredericksburg, 68. jumping into70s. the father of the man known as the american sniper ris
11:34 am
kyle speaks out for the first time from watching the drama on the big screen and watching it unfold in the courtroom, wayne kyle says sitting opposite his son's killer was hard. listen to this. he spoke to nbc's lester holt. >> it was -- it was horrible. i mean gut wrenching. and it's just one of those deals that you just want to jump over that railing and kill him with your bare hands. >> former marine eddie rey was convicted in the killing of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. it took the jury in texas less than two hours to convict him. well after the break, a story getting a lot of attention on facebook today. a look how tea
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i'm zachary kiesch here at the national zoo. monday coming up changeses they
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year. "operation safe zone." a group of leaders, activists and community leaders coming together to address issues in the past. a few bad apples out here and they need to reiterate most of the young people who come out enjoy themselves and do the right things but in years' past there have been issues here. this year they're trying to do proactive measures. getting people to do the right thing and wrapping this around another anniversary happening. the assassination of dr. martin luther king and using his principles trying to get young people to embrace social responsibility borrowing quotes like silence is a form of betrayal amend practice on citizenship. step up to the plate, do the right thing. exercise compassion empathy, and just do the right thing. so they're checking bags out here today. there's heavy security today, but that will continue into monday. i'm told yesterday there were 26,000 people here. today obviously a rainy day, and
11:37 am
still a handful of folks but monday is the big day. a lot of folks, a lot of young people off of school here hanging out and the zoo just wants to make sure everybody has good clean fun. reporting live here at the national zoo, i'm zachary kiesch. back to you. >> tracking what you're talking about online today. trending on facebook a man in arkansas is suffering from kidney failure because he drank too much iced tea. didn't even know this was a possibility. doctors say the 56-year-old man drank 16 glasses every day. crystaling formed in his kidneys from all that black tea. here's brittany johnson with a look at the cherry blossom festival. >> reporter: one of the best things about d.c. is the cherry blossom festival of course. an article, the nine cherry blossom events you don't want to miss. a lot are happening this weekend and throughout next weekend, i've posted on our facebook
11:38 am
page on twitter and find more details on our app. >> two very funny people won't head to lifetime. will ferrell and kristen wiig are scrapping plans for theirs secret lifetime movie after news of this project leaked online. the two-hour film was titled "a deadly adoption" and slated to ai
11:39 am
good day. incredible story of survival. adrift two months rationed food ate raw fish, gathering whatever seafood hswimming by for example and grabbing and trapping and drinking rain water. and then yesterday an incredible rescue. the coast guard coming to the rescue of a man in a small boat on a very big ocean. i asked, how did you pass the time? two months on the ocean, hour after hour adrift? he said he read the b to cover and became very spiritual during the past two
11:40 am
months. and when i asked what kind of food did you miss the most? it wasn't pizza. it wasn't soda. he said he missed barbecue and organic ice cream. back to you. thanks. getting right rain in the met crow area. one wave coming through. the next wave coming into west virginia. that's going to be tracking shenandoah valley in another half hour or so. another couple of hours before it makes it into washington. this wave over us now exiting in the next half hour. umbrella handy 4eding out today. 1:00 upper 60s, near 70 and low 70s by mid-afternoon, light rain. then the third wave comes through by later in the afternoon. maybe thunder and lightning. only a slight chance we would get any kind of wind damage or any kind of severe weather from that as it does roll on through. but it's going to be generally between around 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. we'll have thunderer showers coming through. a brief downpour flashes of lightning and then it exits and
11:41 am
we finally dry out just in time for the weekend. blustery winds tomorrow but we'll be drying out and looking pretty nice for the next three days. >> all right. president obama is in utah on a first president's visit to the state. today set to talk about the economy. yesterday the president met with leaders of the mormon church. utah was one of only two states that he has not visited as president. south dakota is the only state that he hasn't traveled to at least not yet. the president is sure to mention the new jobs report out today. the study in march, a slowdown in hiring. according to the latest jobs report from the labor department the unemployment rate held at 5.5% in march, but employers slowed down hiring by adding a little more than 120,000 jobs last month. that's the smallest increase in hiring since december of 2013. could be a big weekend for the capitals. we'll explain after the break. first, we asked you earlier if you'd watched the new "full
11:42 am
house" spin-off. you voted. and you said yes, 46% did, but 54% said no. so i guess it's not that popular around here.
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french investigators say they now have proof the germanwings copilot deliberately crashed flight 9525. katy tur has more on the damaging evidence piling up. >> reporter: as flight 9525 dove through the skies, french investigateors now say andreas lubitz repeatedly accelerated pushing the plane faster and faster towards the mountainside.
11:45 am
according to information recovered from the flight data recorder all while the cockpit voice recorder reportedly captured the metallic bangs of the captain trying to get in and the screams of passengers. the second black box was recovered at the crash site thursday. found in a ravine and so badly burned the normally orange casing was black. meanwhile, in dusseldorf german investigators revealed for details what they fourchd on lubitz' personal computer. between march 16th and 23rd, german prosecutors say he studied various ways of committing suicide and cockpit doors and their security measures. evidence how he did it why, still a mystery. french officials say they've been able to gather dna for 150 people still no identifications yet. they're waiting to match that
11:46 am
dna with family members. they say they're not going to release bodies or body parts until they've finished the investigation. katy tur, nbc news cologne, germany. and right now family members are starting the painful process of identifying loved ones killed in the attack at a college campus in kenya. at least 147 people were killed in a 13-hour-long attack. the somali terror group al shabaab almost immediately claimed responsibility. the militants reportedly planned extensively even targeting a site christians had gone to pray. this morning on the "today" show we heard about one woman who smeared blood on her face and pretended to be dead. there are big promises and big complaints now that six world powers announced an agreement with iran. this is far from a done deal. nbc's tracie potts has a look at work ahead and response from israel this morning. >> reporter: a fiery response
11:47 am
this morning from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who is opposed these negotiations all along. he spoke this morning saying that he and his entire cabinet think that this deal is a danger to the world and especially in their region to israel as he put it they will not accept an agreement allowing a country that vows to annihilate them to use nuclear weapons. period. the point of this deal is not to get them to use nuclear weapons, to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons, and by doing so would have to give up enriching uranium 15 years, plus other restrictions. but the question is, how is that going to happen? and when? there are still a lot of details to be worked out between now and the final deadline of june 30th, and here on capitol hill lawmakers are extremely skeptical. republicans and some democrats, too, whether iran would comply. one of the big issues on the table, timing. iran wants sanctions lifted
11:48 am
sooner rather than later. the u.s. and other nations want to push that later to make sure iran complies with the deal before they lift those sanctions. right now good friday observances are happening around the world. in jerusalem's old city hundreds re-enacted the "passion of the christ" earlier together this morning. they carried wooden crosses along then a half hour christians will walk the stations of the cross starting at our lady of sorrows in takoma park. also today at sundown, jewish families begin passover sell braces. many of you will sit down to a seder meal tonight. the eight-day festival commemorates the emancipation of israelites from slavery in egypt. >> timing of more rain moving in by later this afternoon. the first wave from this morning tapering off by noontime and then during the rest of the afternoon a few scattered sprinkles continuing maybe a few showers, perhaps a rumble of
11:49 am
thunder to the north by 2:00 p.m. it's after that out on the mountains and in the panhandle of west virginia we might get lighter to moderate showers moving on through, by around 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00. 4:00 p.m. around the metro area showers and thundershowers rolling through quickly heading off to the east by late in the evening. we clear out overnight tonight. maybe a lingering sprinkle around midnight. by dawn saturday the rain is over and we'll get some sunshine back sounds good tom. get ready to rock the red this spring. the caps are now just one game away from clenching a spot in the playoffs. alex ovechkin led the caps to a shoot-out win over the canadians. the franchising all-time leader in goals scored with 474. the caps can clinch their playoff berth with a win against the senators tomorrow night. and a quick note from the redskins. washington redskins acquired two-time pro bowl safety desean gholson from the tampa bay
11:50 am
buccaneers from an undisclosed amount. at book club they were asking me what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners' multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham. i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest.
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well it turns out that easter bunny brings big business to candy sellers. the national retail federation says americans will spend about $2.2 billion this year on easter candy. that breaks down to just overs 20ds $20 for each of us. the summer is pretty slow for candy sellers, they tell us. in case you missed it the first lady stopped by "the tonight show." michelle obama and jimmy fallon reminisced about the first time they met. >> fourth of july. >> you wore a suit and it was so hot. >> three-piece sunchts barack was like where you going, man? >> sweaty i was like hello, mr. president, mrs. president. he goes didn't you get the memo. it's a barbecue. and i go, yeah. >> that was your barack obama? >> yeah.
11:52 am
>> that was -- >> was it good? >> no. [ laughter ] >> come on! >> so funny. jimmy was just trying to impress the president and didn't just sis around. out of their seats performing part two of the evolution of mom dancing. jimmy and the first lady shook at classic mom moves, trying to start the conga line. and the barack obama. you and i both moms. do you know any of these mom moves? >> no. >> start a conga line? >> i thought it was really funny. >> funny together too. >> he is very very funny. >> i love him. >> she's got so much energy. >> and she has the moves, too, for sure. >> in great shape. both of them. in fantastic shape. fun watching it. not looking great outside now. tom is back with improvements for the weekend. stay with us.
11:53 am
tonight for the seventh year the white house will hold a seder in a statement released moments ago the president said
11:54 am
michelle and i send warmest greeting to all those celebrating pass joesher in erjoerch -- passover in the united states and around the world. and we often have to grab it on the go. "good housekeeping" is making it easier to make the right choices when we're on the run. >> readers' biggest complaint i need to eat a healthy breakfast but have no time. our dietitian looked at over 100 options and nairrrowed it down to the best. 300 calories a less. 3 grams of fiber, nutritious yes. not eating something that doesn't taste good. my first pick garden lights. pop these -- store in the freezer. pop it in the microwave. >> how long? >> 30 seconds. >> okay. >> da da da-da-da. take it out. >> how many calories? looks like a browny. >> 100 calories.
11:55 am
10% of daily fiber. >> good. >> can you guess the first ingredient? >> chocolate. >> it's not chocolate. zucchini. >> really? >> the first ingredient in those muffins is sioux keen pipzucchini. the best treat for your kids. can i have the cupcake for breakfast again? yes, you can. >> great. >> chocolate chips -- >> zucchini that tastes like chocolate? got to try that. find the full list of no-cook breakfast options on the four-day forecast the rain tapering off a bit early afternoon. and then late afternoon, some thundershowers rolling through between maybe 4:00 p.m. until around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. only a small risk they would produce any kind of wind damage. otherwise showers with thunder and lightning. low to mid-70s. blusterying winds diminish
11:56 am
overnight. and gusts of wind to 40 miles an hour highs, 60. partly cloudy sunday into the mid-60s. great weather, play ball on monday for the nats home opener. temperatures in the 60s during the game. >> going to be an awesome day for the home opener and once again i'm going to be down there. looks like rain is moving out for the weekend. good news. easter egg hunts for saturday and sunday. >> are you going? >> not easter egg hunt but have to figure what to put in the baskets now that they're getting bigger. >> i saw ap-and-kids were getting bicycles. we never got anything like that. >> getting out of hand. a little chocolate. >> socks. used to get socks. >> books. it's not all candy. >> good idea. that does it for "news4 midday." more news and 4:00 5:00 and six and back monday at 4:26 for "news for today." >> join us monday .
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
you pulled this story because it wasn't even close to the truth. grandma, you have no idea-- go ahead. tell
12:00 pm
me. will, it took me about three minutes to figure out what you were thinking. you're thinking that paul is not a dimera, you're thinking that paul... is john's son. [cell phone rings] - oh, that's right, i forgot. - what's that? caroline's in california she can't make it here. been trying to put a little something together for will and sonny. today's their anniversary, they spent the whole day here. i thought the least we could do is maybe, you know


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